The SAT Reasoning Test is an admission test that most colleges in the USA require. Together with the ACT, the SAT is a standardized test, administered by the ETS (Educational Testing Service) and owned and published by the College Board.

The test itself assesses the readiness of applicants to enter college by measuring mathematical skills, writing skills and literacy. Both, high school grades and a good SAT score are strong factors to factor in by colleges when accepting applicants. Almost all colleges accept the SAT.


The standard fee for the SAT Reasoning Test is US$47 inside the USA and US$75 for other countries except Pakistan and India (US$99). The standard fee is subject to additional charges depending on specific conditions and fee waivers are available.


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It consists of 3 main sections:

Writing: Includes both multiple questions and an essay. The multiple question section contributes in around 70% of the score in this section and it includes sentence improvement and error identification questions. The whole multiple question section deals with grammar, logic and organization of ideas. The essay section lasts 25 minutes while the multiple-question section lasts 35 minutes.

Mathematics: It includes three sections, two sections of 25 minutes each and a third section of 20 minutes making the whole section 70 minutes long. Calculators are allowed. This section contains multiple choice questions and grid-in questions.

Critical Reading: Includes three sections, two sections of 25 minutes each and a third section of 20 minutes. There are sentence completion questions and reading comprehension questions based on different passages. This section assesses sentence structure organizational skills, dictation and logical understanding of written material.


It is required to sign up for the test at least three weeks ahead of time through the College Board website, telephone or mail. Applicants can sit the test seven times a year in the USA (March/April, May, June, October, November and December), applicants from other countries can apply on the same dates as in the USA except for March/April.

Results are given about three weeks after sitting the test and six weeks when results are mailed.
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