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Australia, as any other touristic country, has a wide variety of accommodation, from backpacker hostels to five-star hotels. Herewith you will find information on renting and hotels:

Renting in Australia

It can be complicated to rent a place for the first time, especially in a new country, fortunately Australia is a well-organized country and it should not be a struggle to get exactly what you want for the price you are willing to pay. Check out the following tips, so the search of a new home does not become a major problem:

Location matters: It is okay to look for a place that you like, in an area you like, but the location has to be functional for you and everyone you live with. Keep the distance factor in mind all the time, the place should be close to your job/school.

Talk to whoever you live with and discuss the options you have to see how well they suit everyone´s needs. Keep in mind that certain important places should not be too far, such as supermarkets, police stations, hospitals, etc.

If you have a budget, respect it: Get what you can with the money you are willing to spend, remember that you will have to cover the expenses of renting for as long as you keep the place and it would not be a good idea to make ends meet just to pay the place. First make your budget and then once you have an idea of the location find out what you can afford with that budget.

Get help: the best person to tell you where to start looking is an Australian, let all your friends and colleague know that you are looking for a place, you don´t know the surprises they can give you. An ad on the newspaper and online ads would come in handy.

Give priority: You may get many replies, but do not go check them all out, visiting places consumes a lot of time so give priority to those places that are located in the places that suit you and the ones that offer more for less money. Carry a notebook and write down the particular things that make each place nice so you can, later on, compare them.

Don´t sign if you have doubts: The lease contract includes many terms and conditions that you do not necessarily fully understand, so consider each contract a draft until both, you and the landlord come to a satisfactory agreement and then sign the contract.

Hotels in Australia

There are many options for accommodation in Australia, you can find from backpacker hostels to luxurious hotels. A simple hotel room can cost A$60 per night and a fancier hotel can go up to A$150 per night. There are apartments for tourists available as well. The best way to find out what hotels are the best and read comments is through websites in which ratings can be checked.

Guesthouse in Australia

Guesthouses are very popular because of their flexibility and all the services they offer. The staff is usually very friendly and these guesthouses are cheaper than regular hotels. They have a kitchen, bathrooms, coin-operated laundry and usually a garden.


It is possible to camp in Australia, but beware many areas are restricted, in most public areas it is not allowed to camp. You can get a permit in order to camp in some nature reserves.

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