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AWB The AWB was a government body known as the Australian Wheat Board, today transformed into a private company and owned by wheat growers. AWB Limited is Australia's leading agribusiness and one of the world's largest wheat marketing companies. The company is the manager and marketer of all Australian majority wheat exports through what is known as the Single Desk. The company markets wheat into more than 50 countries, with Australian wheat exports worth up to $5 billion per year. AWB markets and trades a range of other grains both domestically and internationally, as well as providing additional services such as chartering. The company is also one of the nation's largest suppliers of rural merchandise, distributors of fertiliser, marketers of livestock, brokers of rural real estate and handlers of wool.

Website: AWB


aussieBum aussieBum produces a variety of exotic swimwear that caters primarily towards male consumers. In recent years aussieBum has also increased its product line to include underwear and clothing. The company is seen as having a large following among fashion-influential metrosexual and gay consumers.

Website: aussieBum


Billabong Billabong was founded in 1973 by Gordon Merchant, who combined his passion for surfing with hard work to designed boardshorts. Since then Billabong has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of surfwear and accessories. And has expanded its product range to include boardsport products such as wetsuits, watches, surfboards, snowboard outerwear and skateboarding apparel.

Website: Billabong


Sportsgirl Sportsgirl opens the doors at first time in 1948 in Swanston Street, Melbourne, by the Bardas family. Since then Sportsgirl has gotten to emerge to become the leader in the Australian fashion industry by successfully developing a brand image and a store identity that moved fashion retail away from the concept of established department stores to the concept of the lifestyle fashion boutique.

Website: Sportsgirl

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