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CHOOKS CHOOKS fresh & tasty has its roots in Western Australia ; however CHOOKS fresh & tasty is now a national company that is continually expanding. We are unashamedly a 'low cost' operator that carefully examines the most efficient and cost effective way of doing everything. Our mission is to provide quality bbq and fried chicken products at affordable prices. CHOOKS fresh & tasty aims to be the 'champion of chicken' and is dedicated to providing the freshest and tastiest chicken and chips to local communities across Australia and beyond.

Website: CHOOKS

Eagle Boys

Eagle Boys Eagle Boys Pizza opened the doors at first time in Albury in 1987, Since then has grown to be one of Australia's most successful home delivery and takeaway pizza franchise organisations. From a focus on regional NSW, Eagle Boys has grown to service regional and metropolitan Australia, and enjoyed a highly successful period in New Zealand reaching market leader in just 4 years. With over 180 stores throughout Australia, Eagle Boys Pizza continue to grow, at an increasing rate.

Website: Eagle Boys

Henny Penny

Henny Penny Henny Penny opened its doors by first time in 1968 when Steggles Poultry decide expanded their then current business of fresh poultry processing, into fast food. Henny Penny has a varied range of products including its much loved BBQ Chicken, Fried Chicken, a wide variety of fresh Salads, Rolls, Burgers and more. Henny penny has been a successful family owned company currently operates 15 outlets. Henny Penny is located in the Newcastle Hunter Region of NSW.

Website: Henny Penny

Miss Maud

Miss Maud In 1971 "Miss Maud" opened its doors in 1971 to its consumers by first time, ever since has worked to get to be an integral part of Perth society around 30 years, woven into the tapestry of combined cultures and different tastes is the melt-in-your-mouth and heart warming story of one woman, an immigrant from Sweden and the magic she brought with her. At the moment Miss Maud offers the customers different ways of services as Miss Maud Pastry Houses, Online Ordering, Coffee, Restaurant, Wholesale.

Website: Miss Maud

Spirit of the West

Spirit of the West Spirit of the West is Perth's own fine dining Restaurant Train, come and enjoy our famous i course meal prepared fresh on board including fine wine and an ever-changing view through the scenic Avon Valley. Spirit of the West it's a taste of history, gourmet cuisine and sightseeing, all rolled into one. Aboard the historic, meticulously restored carriages of Spirit of the West, you'll be transported back to a gracious bygone era when legendary trains like the Orient Express were the playgrounds of fashionable society.

Website: Spirit of the West

Tilley's Devine Cafe Gallery

Tilley's Devine Cafe Gallery Tilley's Devine Cafe Gallery should be a compulsory first port of call for people who are visiting Canberra for the first time. Each year at Tilley's has been bigger than the previous one. It has been extended five times, eventually taking over the entire block. It was the first licensed outdoor venue in Australia, as well as being the first bar to ban indoor smoking, which occurred eight years before there were any actual laws in the place.
With elegant, dark wood fittings, a moody, deep red colour scheme, and soft jazz wafting between the old-fashioned booths lining the walls, there is some things essentially nostalgic and cinematic about Tilley's romantic atmosphere.

Website: Tilley's Devine Cafe Gallery

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