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Amcal Since Amcal was inaugurated in 1930's as the Allied Master Chemists of Australia Limited (Amcal), we have grown to get to be the greatest pharmacy retailer in Australia and New Zealand. But the most important for us is that our company our company and products have become household names across the nation and that more people trust us with their health issues than anyone else. It's a trust that we take seriously and aim to keep. Amcal. Your partner in health, your partner for life. The Amcal's mission is total health and well being start at Amcal. Great service, professional advice and all the information I need. Plus the products, brands and value for money that give me the choices I want.

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Clinical Cell Culture | C3 |

Clinical Cell Culture | C3 | Clinical Cell Culture (C3) is a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX Code CCE) that was formed to commercialise a number of autologous tissue engineered products for autologous cell replacement. C3 is able to provide culture services from laboratories based in Australia and Europe and is expanding their sales, marketing and clinical support programme throughout the world. C3 is also compromised to offering the highest level of continuing medical education and clinical support to enable the appropriate use of C3's tissue engineered products. C3 was compounded from the WA Skin Culture Unit, a hospital based department that furnished autologous cells for the entire Western Australian burns community. During early stages of development, the WA Skin Culture Unit was able to introduce innovative culture technologies that resulted in the evolution of cell suspensions that enabled surgeons to treat major burns and trauma within five to seven days.

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BioCell BioCell was created to provide Australia's #1 cord blood preservation service, whith a team of medical specialists, who have collective experience in medicine and scientific research of over 30 years, covering the specialties of Haematology, Blood Banking, Immunology and Stem Cell Transplantation. BioCell's parent company CyGenics is a heading ASX listed (CYN), healthcare and biotechnology company. Cygenics has operations in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Cygenics owns a portfolio of adult stem cell patents and is focused on the development and commercialisation of adult stem cell-related technologies. From its headquarters in Melbourne, CyGenics operates five subsidiaries: Australia-based BioCell and Singapore-based CordLife (tissue banking services, in particular, cord blood banking) and Cell Sciences (consumable cell culture products), and Cytomatrix (cell therapeutics and technology development) based in Boston, USA, and Cytovations (new product development) based in New Jersey, USA.

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Healthscope Healthscope is one of the most important of Australia's private healthcare operators. Our reach of facilities around the country securely situates Healthscope as the second largest private hospital provider. Healthscope has 45 medical/surgical, rehabilitation and psychiatric hospitals. In addition, Healthscope operates a leading pathology business with facilities in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. The company was formed in 1985 and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1994.
Healthscope's success is achieved by meeting the needs of the communities we serve, providing the highest possible standard of care and creating the opportunity for staff to work in a professional and productive environment. Healthscope has achieved a remarkable rate of growth in the past five years by:
  • Assisting doctors and staff to deliver quality care to patients.
  • Responsible financial management.
  • A selective growth strategy in our key areas.

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