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ASC AMP Began in 1849 as The Australian Mutual Provident Society, an organisation offering life insurance, AMP has evolved over 150-plus years to a publicly listed company. AMP has gained importance as a strong, highly adaptable company, supporting its people and becoming an integral part of the economic and social fabric of its communities. AMP is the main wealth management company with more than 3.4 million customers and 3,500 employees in Australia and New Zealand.

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Elfin For nearly 50 years Elfin Sports Car Company has produced some of the most highly competitive sports and open wheeler racing cars of their day ranging from the 1959 Stream liner to Formula Veer through to big banger sports cars and the MR9 Formula 5000 of the 1980s. Elfin was built on a single credo: built fast to win. Elfin racer made an instant impact on Australian open-wheeler and sports car competition, going on to win no fewer than 29 championships and major titles, including two Australian Driver's Championships, five Australian Sports Car Charmpionships, four Australia Tourist Trophics and three Formula Ford titles.

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Aerosonde The aerosonde has engaged missions for the australian and us military, and is currently being incorporated into saab systems' battlefield command support system. The Aerosonde UAV is developed and operated globally by Aerosonde Pty Ltd (AePL) and Aerosonde North America (AeNA). It has been undertaking operations worldwide for over 10 years, was the first UAV to cross the Atlantic Ocean (1998), has flown for over 32 hrs in one stretch and has undertaken continuous operations with relay aircraft extending over several days.

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Holden The Holden name has been associated with transportation in Australia since James Alexander Holden established a saddlery business in Adelaide, South Australia. Holden holds a special place in Australia's history as the manufacturer of the first all-Australian car. The Holden's business has been manufacture and distribution of motor vehicles, engines, components and parts. Today Holden manufactures a range of vehicles and engines to meet Australia's motoring needs in the 21st century. The Holden Innovation consist in identifies future consumer needs and develops products, technologies and skills for Holden to compete in global markets. Its activities encompass initiatives such as safety, in-car IT systems and alternative propulsion systems. Location: Port Melbourne, Victoria.

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Austal Austal began operations in 1988 with a vision to build high quality commercial vessels for the international market. By the company's fifth anniversary, Austal had become the world's leading manufacturer of 40 metre passenger catamarans and the dominant supplier to Asia.Today, Austal is the main builder of the world of fast ferries and is proud to list amongst its customers many of the world's leading fast ferry and shipping operators. Austal listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in December 1998 and has diversified its product base through acquisitions of local shipbuilders and the establishment of a new US shipyard in Mobile, Alabama.

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Incat In September 1977, we introduced to the market our first high-speed catamaran at Prince of Wales Bay in Tasmania, 200 metres from our present site. The journey onward takes us through to today's generation of 98 and 112 metre wavepiercers. With Incat vessels proven in regular service, we have achieved an excellent reputation for safety, speed, reliability, efficiency and ride. These factors, and importantly passenger comfort, are paramount to us in designing and constructing the world's best fast ships. Our aim is to continue to improve the breed. The desire to improve is inspired in our dedicated designers and tradepersons, ensuring that each ship delivered is significantly better than the last.

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