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Alphapharm Alphapharm is one of the most important Australian pharmaceutical companies. We develop, manufacture, market and distribute prescription medicines and medicines only available at pharmacies. Our speciality is bringing generic medicines - also known as patent-expired medicines - to market. This lets people save money on their medicines and helps the Government include more products in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). We also market and support innovative medicines to treat cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. We have the mission to be first in quality and value medicines - leads us in two ways. First, we offer consumers a chance to save money, without compromising quality, on their medicines. And second, we enhance people's quality of life by working to discover innovative pharmaceutical solutions.

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Australian Pharmaceutical Industries

Australian Pharmaceutical Industries API was founded in 1910 and has become one of Australia's leading health and beauty companies. In 1997 it was publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. API's heritage is in the pharmacy market and today it is one of the most well known participants in that industry. API operates three division Pharmacy division activities in wholesale distribution, marketing and retail services. API's Retail division is a leader in health and beauty with some of Australia's most well known retail brands, such as Priceline. The company's Consumer division is a niche player in over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and is based in New Zealand.

Website: Australian Pharmaceutical Industries


Giaconda Giaconda was founded in 2004 as a medium through which to commercialise therapies for gastrointestinal diseases and disorders developed by Prof. Thomas Borody at the Centre for Digestive Diseases Pty Ltd. Giaconda's focus is the commercialisation of therapies for gastrointestinal diseases and disorders. The world gastrointestinal pharmaceutical market is estimated to be US$49.9 billion per annum. Giaconda's current product portfolio consists of five therapies shown by Prof. Borody to have clinical benefit.

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Herron Herron Pharmaceuticals manufactures 600 over-the-counter pharmaceutical and natural healthcare products at its R&D and manufacturing facility at Tennyson in Brisbane. With the commitment to providing families with quality products at value prices. Herron employs 300 associates involved in product development, manufacturing, sales and marketing. The company has established a management culture based on inclusion and consensus involving all associates in the future design of the business. At Herron, we believe in helping people. And, as sexy as it looks, we know you don't need a cape to help people. You just need the right attitude. This attitude is the reason Herron make a total range of quality healthcare products: to help you, and your family, get on with living life.

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Hexal Hexal Australia is part of the Hexal international group of pharmaceutical companies which develop, manufacture, and distribute a wide range of medicines. Hexal Australia was formed as a joint venture with Hexal AG, Germany in 1995 under the leadership of Clemens von Oswald. Currently Hexal is recognised as a principal force within the Australian generic medicines (lower cost brands) market segment. Having a product base of 45 active substances and 1 18 product lines.

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