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ARTC Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd (ARTC) is a company under the Corporations Act. This company was created after the Commonwealth and State Governments agreed in 1997 to the formation of a 'one stop' shop for all operators seeking access to the National interstate rail network. ARTC currently has responsibility for the management of over 10,000 route kilometres of standard gauge interstate track, in South Australia , Victoria and Western Australia , and New South Wales. ARTC considers to has the mission to satisfy our customers, expand the industry, provide efficient access across modes to the interstate network and to assist in development of an integrated national transport logistics network, through innovation and creative strategies.

Website: ARTC


ARG Australian Railroad Group (ARG) mainly operates in the bulk freight market. ARG employs over 1,000 staff and has rail operations in Western Australia and New South Wales. In Western Australia, ARG operates over almost 5,000 kilometres of standard and narrow gauge track, carrying approximately 33 million tonnes of intrastate rail freight each year. Its main commodities include grain, alumina, bauxite, iron ore, nickel ore, mineral sands and woodchips.

Website: ARG


CityRail The CityRail network is one of the most cost effective, reliable and convenient ways to travel around Sydney and beyond. Whether you're a commuter or leisure traveller, our comprehensive range of services offers total flexibility when it comes to planning your trip. CityRail covers the greater Sydney region and is the sister company to CountryLink. CityRail and CountryLink are two independent services operating under Rail Corporation New South Wales (RailCorp). RailCorp is the government agency responsible for all passenger rail services in NSW.

Website: ARG


Connex We are committed to help our customers reach their destination on time and without fuss, in a safe, comfortable environment and it drives everything we do. Today, we are trusted not just in Melbourne but across Australia and around the globe to deliver public transport to billions of people every day. We try, at all times to stay true to our promises and to deliver the best possible train service. Our partnership agreement with the Victorian Government emphasises the importance of delivering the service in line with the timetable.

Website: Connex

Downer EDI Rail

Downer EDI Rail Downer EDI Rail was established in October 2000 following the merging of Clyde Engineering and the rolling-stock activities of Walkers Pty Limited Each organisation has over 100 years operating experience in railway rollingstock. Downer EDI Rail then became a key division of Downer EDI following the merger of the Downer Group with Evans Deakin Industries in early 2001. Downer EDI Rail provides rollingstock services to the Australasian rail industry. Downer EDI Rail is a regional leader in rollingstock services offering design, manufacture, refurbishment, overhaul, maintenance services and product support to the freight and passenger rail industries.

Website: Downer EDI Rail


RailCorp RailCorp was established as a corporation on 1 January 2004 under the Transport Administration Amendment (Rail Agencies) Act 2003. It is a state-owned corporation that has as its main focus the provision of a safe, clean and reliable passenger rail network throughout NSW. The merger marked the start of a new era for passenger rail services in NSW. Part of the wide-ranging reform of the NSW public transport sector, the establishment of RailCorp was aimed at delivering single point of accountability across the railways.

Website: RailCorp

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