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Atlassian Atlassian is a global software company that provides innovative enterprise software solutions to the world's leading organisations that allow dynamic teams in knowledge industries to work more effectively together. . Atlassian searches to build a different kind of software company - one that listens to client needs, values innovation in development and solves customer problems with brilliant simplicity. With over 7,000 customers in more than 87 countries, the Atlassian team is dedicated to making this mission come true every day.

Website: Atlassian


E-Novation At the beginning was conceived in mid-2002, E-Novation's Business Performance Management service, M-CUBED, delivers sustainable cost saving and business improvement across an increasing number of medium and large enterprise located in Asia, Europe and the United States. At its core the E-Novation vision was to deliver a web-based service that enables modern enterprises to revolutionise the way in which they measure, monitor and manage financial and non-financial performance. It has taken a long time and considerable effort to get it right. Working with key customers since 2002, the E-Novation offering has matured and has become a comprehensive business solution in its own right. Our customers require a service that delivers the right information across their corporate and operational measurement, monitoring and reporting needs.

Website: E-Novation


ERG The ERG Group is a world leader in the development and supply of integrated fare management and software systems for the transit industry, and for its smart card systems and services, also has delivered systems that support more than 20 million smart cards in circulation. ERG is an Australian-based company, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, with 15 offices across 11 countries and employs approximately 900 people. The Group has installed systems in major cities throughout the world including Hong Kong, Melbourne, Rome, San Francisco and Singapore with installations in progress in Gothenburg, Seattle, Stockholm, Sydney and Washington DC. The ERG Group has two main business areas: Automated Fare Collection and Smart Cards

Website: ERG

Email Cash Marketing

Email Cash Marketing Email Cash Marketing is an Australian website that was incorporated in Sydney in June of 1999 during the Dot-com bubble and is a web-based marketing company. This company run by PermissionCorp, with branches or residents of Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand and UK. EmailCash is one of Australia's fastest growing companies and was ranked 40th in the Business Review Weekly's Fast 100 index for 2004. The company is based on a reward program, offering members "reward points" that can be exchanged for cash or goods.

Website: Email Cash Marketing


Funnelback Funnelback is an Internet and Enterprise search engine company offering a suite of search solutions, including a Software as a Service' or hosted solution for the web and a fully customisable whole-of-enterprise solution for searching behind the firewall. Funnelback's core technology is used on a daily basis by organizations to search for information contained in their public websites, intranets, file-shares, network drives, databases and other database applications such as CRMs and library catalogues.

Website: Funnelback


Sharman Sharman Networks Limited was established in January 2002 as a private limited company. Sharman Networks develops and markets world class Internet applications, and is the owner of Kazaa, one of the world's leading seek and find applications, Kazaa represents a wealth of opportunities for downloadable content providers, advertisers and other partners. Sharman Networks works closely with business partners, large and small, to develop innovative and user-focused solutions that leverage the expanding installed base of peer-to-peer software.

Website: Sharman

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