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Australia is a country well-known for its remarkable healthiness, considering such a large portion of it is in the tropics. Thanks to Australia's isolation and quarantine standards, most tropical diseases and diseases of insanitation are eradicate.

If you get sick during your stay, your hotel can call a doctor or refer you to one, or if you prefer it, you can ask your embassy, high commission or consulate for a list of approved doctors. In Australia, health care standards are high, doctors and dentists are highly trained and qualified. The hospitals are well-equipped, the attention is friendly and first-range. Overseas visitors are recommended to take out health insurance before leaving to cover the duration of their permanency in Australia. Be sure you have personal insurance or travel insurance with a comprehensive health component to cover the possibility of illness or accident.

For visitors from UK, there is a reciprocal health agreement in emergencies only, which allows residents from the UK free hospital treatment. Ad hoc It's necessary to show passport or proof of UK residence, such as an NHS medical card or a UK driving licence. Some doctor's surgeries require to pay for prescribed medicines, ambulances and treatment. Personal insurance for illness and accidents is highly recommended for all visitors, including UK nationals to avoid setback.

The hospitals in Australia
At Australia we can find many public and private hospitals that are equipped with world-class healthcare facilities and medical professionals internationally qualified providing good care and attention to their patients. This sevices offer a proper medical treatment and post care services. All of cities in Australia has a number of very good hospitals.

The pharmacies and medical prescriptions
In each cities of Australia, we can find numerous medicine shops in the city from where one can get all sorts of medicines that will help cure ailment. All the nursing homes and hospitals have at least a pharmacy from where you can purchase the medicines that you need. For purchasing some medicines it is necessary doctor's prescription, which are called Prescription Medicine and other type of medicine is Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicine - Medicine you can buy without a doctor's prescription.

Health insurance
It's strongly advisable that oversea travelers who want to travel to Australia must ensure insurance for accidents and sickness. Likewise don't forget to carry a list of emergency numbers and hospital contact information.

Hospitals and Clinics of Australia
The federal government together with state and territory governments founded the Australia's public hospitals, which is administered by state and territory health departments.

Emergency Numbers

In Australia, for any emergency, you should dial the 000, that is the national telephone number for all emergency services.

When you have whatever kind of emergency, you should dial 000, after an Telstra Operator will answer and ask you "Fire, Ambulance or Police?" and you must say which one, then they divert you to the service.

The operator will ask another relevant questions, and arrange an appropriate response from the local Police, Ambulance or Fire Service.

For all mobile phones 000 calls are free. From analogue phones, 000 will connect callers, some times many newer digital phones require the user to dial 112, the international standard emergency number.

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