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Health care in Australia is modern in both, the public and private sectors. Equipment for medical care is modern too and the staff is well-trained meeting the high-quality standards the government demands. There are also a good number of hospitals available and post health care is very good.

The best thing to do is to get insurance since medical attention can be very expensive in Australia. Get some kind of medical insurance that covers you with medical attention, ambulance and medicines.

Australia has medical agreements with the UK, New Zealand, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Malta, Ireland and Sweden, but these agreements do not cover all expenses a tourist or resident may incur in, and these medical agreements have restrictions.

If you have a student visa you will be required to get the Overseas Student Health Cover through Medibank Private. If you are a tourist or a temporary resident you will not have access to the national health care system.

The PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) provides you with reliable and affordable medicines in a wide range; this is granted by the Australian Government so medicines are incredibly much cheaper. You can apply to this benefit every time your prescription is signed under the PBS.

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