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In each cities of Australia, we can find numerous medicine shops in the city from where one can get all sorts of medicines that will help cure ailment. For purchasing some medicines it's necessary to take into account that there are two kinds of medicine: Prescription Medicine and Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicine - Medicine you can buy without a doctor's prescription.

You can't buy prescription medicines unless someone with authority like a doctor prescribes them. The prescription is a form filled out by the doctor that includes all the information on the required medicine, including type, amount, dose and how long you need to take it.

In accordance with Australian regulations, Pharmacies can only dispense prescription medicine on receipt of an original Australian prescription. (Faxes cannot be accepted).

Be sure you understand the reason why your doctor is prescribing this medicine for you, how you are meant to take it, and any possible side effects. Do all necessary questions until you feel satisfied, remember you will trip and you won't have opportunity to ask your doctor again. You can also ask your pharmacist for advice.

Oversea visitors are permitted to bring reasonable quantities of prescribed (non-narcotic) medicines. All should be clearly labeled and recognizable. For big quantities it is advisable to bring a doctor's certificate to produce to Customs if necessary, and to an Australian doctor if required. It's advisable that all medication must be carried in personal hand luggage. Local pharmacies or chemists only can fill prescriptions which must be written by an Australian-registered doctor.

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