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Whether you are planning to stay at Australia more than three months, it's probable you need open a Australian bank account to make easy your money transactions. So, learning about how to open accounts, get credit cards, transfer money in Australia and abroad and income tax.

Australian banks
Banks in Australia are considered the top lucrative in the world. They demonstrate their affection their clients with platonic passion. Because, they are focused on improving their service in benefit of the clients, cutting off agencies and replacing them with electronic terminals and charging fees for the transactions.

Transferring money
It's usual, immigrants send some of their earnings to relatives and friends in their home countries. Many Australian companies offer their service to transfer money overseas in several ways.

Taxes in Australia
In general way, Australia levies tax on three sources of income for individual taxpayers: personal earnings (for example, salary and wages), business income, and capital gains. Income received by individuals is taxed at progressive rates.

Mortgages in Australia
A mortgage is an agreement of a loan to give up an interest in something. this loan are often used interchangeably. In many cases, it means that you'll give up your home or property if you fail to repay your home loan as agreed.

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