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If you are in Australian streets and you want to place a phone call, the best thing to do is to get a public phone outside post offices, service stations or bars. Red phones are used for local calls; green color phones are used for international calls as well as gold color phones and blue color phones. You can get a phone card at stores and newsagents in order to place phone calls. If you are looking for Creditphone try at airports and your hotel. A regular local call costs about 50 cents.

  • In order to get international line dial 0011
  • The country code to get to Australia is 61

WorldNet Direct Dial
WorldNet Direct Dial gives you the same quality calling services as Telecom NZ with very competitive rates to bring you the best deal around.

If you want to do one international call from home it can be really expensive. One of the cheapest ways to talk with his family and friends is to use an international prepaid calling card.

Communication using free calling from a computer to another on the Internet has been around for quite some time. This call way has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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