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WorldNet Direct Dial gives you a great quality calling service and very competitive rates. You donīt have to pay anything to join, or spend a minimum every month, there are no monthly fees either.

Just pay what you use, and get a special A$10 discount on your MegaPass DSL every month.

How to use WorldNet Direct Dial:

  • Pick up the Phone
  • Dial: 00 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number
  • Wait for a connection
Note: If your phone provider IS NOT Telecom, or your have request CodeAccess service instead, please dial 0526 before country code + area + phone number to connect international calls and dial 0523 before area + phone number to connect national calls.

  • International Calls:

  • Dial: 0526 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number
  • National Calls:

  • Dial: 0523 + Area Code + Phone Number
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Koala Calling

Koala Calling is delighted to offer the new United World Telecom Direct Dial service. This new service offers our lowest international rates for calling from several major cities around the world via a local access number.

It's too easy you only dial the local access number in your area. At the prompt you enter your 10-digit PIN and are then prompted to enter your destination number abroad.

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