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If you want to reside in Australia it is important to go through all the required paperwork in order to be granted a visa. To get a work permit or residence is also possible depending on your nationality.

Who requires a visa?

Everybody except New Zealanders requires a visa in order to enter Australia, unless you are in transit, then you can get a transit permit as long as you continue your trip within 8 hours from arrival time.

What documents will be required?

Either an ETA (which allows you spend up to 3 months in the country) or a visa will allow you stay in Australia if you are going there for a holiday or on a business trip.

Requirements to obtain ETA Visa
You must not have any criminal records; you must be from a country that applies to an ETA, be in good health conditions and submit credit card details.

Types of ETA

    Apply for this ETA if you are traveling for tourism or to visit a relative, and are staying in Australia for no longer than 3 months and are not re entering the country within 12 months. You will not be charged by the government if you are applying for this type of ETA.

    For business trips, in case you are not staying longer than 3 months in the country. An AUS$60 fee has to be paid in order to get this type of ETA.

    If you are planning to visit Australia once in a lapse of 12 months and are not staying longer than 3 months this is the type of ETA you are looking for. You will not be charged by the Australian government if you are applying for this type of ETA.
ETA Countries

Countries/Cities that apply for the Electronic Travel Authority are:

• Andorra
• Brunei
• Finland
• Greece
• Ireland
• Liechtenstein
• Malta
• Norway
• South Korea
• Switzerland
• Australia
• Canada
• France
• Hong Kong
• Italy
• Luxembourg
• Monaco
• Portugal
• Spain
• Taiwan
• The Vatican
• Belgium
• Denmark
• Germany
• SAR Iceland
• Japan
• Malaysia
• The Netherlands
• Singapore
• Sweden
• UK
• San Marino

Non-ETA visas

If your country does not apply for ETA΄s you will have to apply for a 456 visa outside Australia. It is required to fill a visa application form and to pay a fee of AUD70.00. A valid passport and two passport photos are required as well. You may need from seven to fourteen days before the visa is issued.

What is the cost of a visa?

Each ETA Application will cost aprox. $20.00 AUD

Other information:

For people who want to visit, work, study or live in Australia.
  1. Workers. Professionals and other skilled workers seeking work or business in Australia.
  2. Migrants. People moving permanently to Australia or returning from overseas.
  3. Visitors. People moving permanently to Australia or returning from overseas.
  4. Students. People studying or seeking study, training, or skills development in Australia. Education agents and providers.
  5. Employers who sponsor skilled people to work in Australia.
  6. Applications & Forms. Online and printable applications, information forms and booklets.
  7. Humanitarian. Information for people seeking assistance under the refugee and humanitarian programme.
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