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The accommodation offered by the school might be the most suitable way of get an apartment if you are coming to Canada for the first time. It will provide you with chances to get to know other students and participate in the social life of the institution.


Many Canadian families want to host international students. This may be an adequate way for you to enrich your English or French skills, learn about daily life in Canada, and meet new, friendly people. Home stays also provide a more steady and reliable atmosphere for young people coming to study and learn in Canada. Usually, home stay, as an alternative student lifestyle, consists of a Canadian family hosting a student in their home while the student attends classes in Canada. Meals and a private, furnished room are offered in the house, and the host family welcomes and encourages participation in family and community activities.

The school arranges the home stays and students are sent with families who share same interests. Services and location change from home to home, but preferences can and should be communicated to the school with the intention of finding a suitable match. Many schools can choose a school representative or home stay family to receive you at the airport when you arrive.

Rates will change according to location, and some home stay services will charge an initial placement fee of up to $200 CDN.
For more information, contact the school you will be attending.
Average cost of home stay accommodation: $400 - $800 CDN per month.


Many schools possess accommodation located on or near their campus. Rooms can diverge in size and in quality, and many dorms have shared kitchens, toilets and laundry facilities. Dormitories are generally divided by gender and normally there is an option to share or not a private room. In some cases, there are cafeterias and meal plans that can be considered in the cost of the room. Most dorms are furnished, and are a good way to become involved in campus activities and meet other students.

Average cost of residence/dormitory rooms: $3,000 - $7,500 CDN per school year. For more information, contact the school you will be attending.

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