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Canada offers a wide range of hotels for short stays when you come to Canada. A Canadian hotel provides many services as, private rooms, room service and daily cleaning service. It's better to make a reservation in advance, and during the peak tourist season, it is essential. Between May and August, hotels are booked most heavily (90% full), and finding an acceptable place to stay without a reservation can be challenging if not impossible. Although most reservations can be effected with a week's notice, be sure to search ahead of time for any major festivals or events as it will be more difficult to reserve rooms during these times.

Hotel services, rates and quality vary. Rooms in main cities will usually be more expensive. In general, however, you will find hotels in Canada to be clean, comfortable with a reasonable price. Most hotels admit important credit cards, and reservations can be made either directly or by a travel agent in your home country.
The rates are between $45 - $250 CDN per night.

Bed and Breakfast

Another temporary accommodation alternative is the bed-and-Breakfast. Rooms are situated in private houses or locally-run establishments, and the own room and the generous breakfast are included in the cost. Many rooms do not possess private toilets and baths. We can get Bed-and-Breakfast accommodation in many varieties of forms; it can be in a heritage home, modern townhouse, rural farmhouse, or homes in the beach. Most installations are registered with a professional association, and are a great way to meet local people.
Average cost of a room in a bed-and-breakfast: $35 to $105 CDN per night.

Youth Hostels

Hostelling is a temporary and cheap way to stay in major cities. Accommodation is basic but economical, and primary facilities (toilets, baths and kitchens) are shared. Prices are calculated daily, and costs are less than other accommodation alternatives. A Canadian hostel must be inspected and approved by the Canadian Hostelling Association.
Average cost of a room in a hostel: $10 - $20 CDN per night.


Remote hunting lodges are accessible to rent. This accommodation is ideal for fishing, hunting and hiking enthusiasts. They are fully furnished and equipped with spacious living areas and some have spa facilities. They are a popular way to sample life in the wilderness.

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