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Agricore United

Agricore United At Agricore United, we’re committed to meeting the needs of our customers, investors and members. Our people and technology are dedicated to providing the products, services and knowledge to help build and sustain agriculture in Canada. We’re proud of Canada’s global reputation as a consistently reliable source of quality grains, oilseeds and meat products, and the people of Agricore United are working hard to maintain this enviable reputation.

Website: Agricore United

Canadian Wheat Board

Canadian Wheat Board The Canadian Wheat Board (known at times as the Canada Wheat Board or by the acronym CWB) was established by the Parliament of Canada in 1935 as a producer marketing system for wheat and barley. It is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We are the Canadian Wheat Board, the marketing agency for over 75,000 farmers who grow wheat, durum wheat and barley in Western Canada. Our role is to market these grains for the best possible price both within Canada and around the world. Sales revenues earned, less marketing costs, are passed back to western Canadian farmers.

Website: Canadian Wheat Board

Mckenzie Seeds

Mckenzie Seeds McKenzie Seeds is a seed packaging company which has over 200 employees and is based in Brandon, Manitoba. It was established in 1896 by Dr. Albert Edward McKenzie, and is now Canada's foremost seed supplier with 60% of the market.
Its retail division sells seed under the brands McKenzie, Thompson & Morgan, Gusto Italia, and Pike, as well as other gardening products and accessories. Through a direct mail division it operates the brands McFayden and McConnell catalogues.

Website: Mckenzie Seeds

Ontario Swine Improvement INC

Ontario Swine Improvement INC Ontario Swine Improvement (OSI) is an industry-run organization dedicated to providing swine improvement and genetic products, programs, information and expertise. Our goal is to help Ontario pork producers achieve competitive advantages and excellence in the global market place.

Website: Ontario Swine Improvement INC


UFA The United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) is an agricultural supply cooperative headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. UFA operates 35 farm and ranch supply stores in Alberta, and over 115 cardlock and bulk fuel stations in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. To be a dynamic and profitable co-op dedicated to providing an accessible network of people, products and facilities focused on serving rural customers for the purpose of benefiting and strengthening the agricultural community.

Website: UFA

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