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Arc'teryx Arc'teryx is an outdoor clothing and sporting goods company founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in 1991. The company still maintains its headquarters, design studios, and primary manufacturing facilities in North Vancouver. Its products are usually associated with climbing- and hiking-related activities. Using a heat laminate technology, the partners designed and marketed the Vapor harness, which would become the company's most popular item.

Website: Arc'teryx


Parasuco Parasuco is a Canadian clothing company, best known for its denim jeans. Based in Montreal, the company is famous for its provocative advertising that appear on billboards, bus shelters, and in magazines. The company is best known for its denim clothing, but also makes shirts, casual pants, dresses, and sweaters. The main Parasuco line is DENIM LEGEND; others include "Mademoiselle", "People for Peace", and "CULT".

Website: Parasuco

Ginch Gonch

Ginch Gonch Ginch Gonch began as a simple, fun protest against boring black, and grey underwear. The company is now the youngest and hottest premium lifestyle brand. Ginch Gonch designs, develops and markets high quality underwear, apparel and accessories. It's products connect with the human factor through original marketing and innovative ideas that push the boundaries of traditional apparel branding and marketing.

Website: Ginch Gonch

Canada Goose

Canada Goose At Canada Goose we are committed to producing the best extreme cold weather outerwear in the world. We have been manufacturing innovative, high quality outerwear in Canada for over 45 years. From South Pole research facilities and the Canadian High Arctic to the streets of New York City, Stockholm, Milan, Toronto and Tokyo people wear our brand because our reputation for quality and style precedes us. We are absolutely confident that anyone who has ever worn one of our products will tell you that it has never let them down.

Website: Canada Goose

Tilley Endurables

Tilley Endurables Travellers have a right to insist upon dependable clothing that can withstand whatever the world has to offer. Function is important also, but not at the expense of comfort, and we've made sure all our Tilleys age ever so gracefully. Simple to clean, too. We aim for clothing you can launder in a hotel sink in the evening, hang to dry, and wear neat and ready to go to breakfast. Not all Tilleys wash 'n' wear this well - but most do.

Website: Tilley Endurables

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