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Abitibi Consolidated

Abitibi Consolidated Abitibi-Consolidated is a global leader in newsprint and commercial printing papers as well as a major producer of wood products, serving clients in over 70 countries from its 45 operating facilities. The network of 19 paper mills, 20 sawmills, 4 remanufacturing facilities and 2 engineered wood facilities, located in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom supplies publishers, printers, building products distributors and housing manufacturers in over 70 countries. It has approximately 12,500 employees.

Website: Abitibi Consolidated

Canfor Corporation

Canfor Corporation Canfor Corporation is an Canadian integrated forest products company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Canfor produces softwood lumber, northern softwood kraft pulp, kraft paper, plywood, and remanufactured lumber products. The majority of the company's operations are in British Columbia and Alberta; however, it owns a sawmill and timber harvesting rights in Quebec as well as numerous locations in the southern United States.

Website: Canfor Corporation

Cascades Inc.

Cascades Inc. Cascades Inc. is a Canadian company based in Kingsey Falls, Quebec involved in the production, converting and marketing of packaging products, fine papers and tissue papers. Internationally, the Cascades Group employs more than 15,000 people and operates in Canada, the United States, France, England, Germany and Sweden. It was founded in 1964 and subsequently acquired Rolland, a paper producer with operations in Mont-Rolland and Saint-Jérôme, Quebec.

Website: Cascades Inc.

Catalyst Paper

Catalyst Paper Catalyst Paper is a Canadian paper manufacturer. Open a newspaper, magazine or phone book in one of 300 cities around the world and there’s a good chance you're holding one of our products. Catalyst is one of North America's largest mechanical paper companies and one of British Columbia's largest public companies. With 3,500 employees and roots extending back to the turn of the last century, we are proud to make many of the quality paper and pulp products used the world over.

Website: Catalyst Paper


Domtar The Company designs, manufactures, markets and distributes a wide range of fine paper products for a variety of consumers including merchants, retail outlets, stationers, printers, publishers, converters and end-users. The Company is the largest producer of uncoated freesheet papers in North America with 4.9 million tons of fine paper capacity in 15 paper mills and 0.2 million tons of coated groundwood capacity in one mill. The Company also has a paper mill at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan that is currently not in operation but has a production capacity of approximately 290,000 tons of uncoated free sheet.

Website: Domtar

Kruger Products

Kruger Products Kruger Products is the leading Canadian manufacturer and distributor of tissue and paper towel products for both consumer, in-home use and commercial, away from home use. We manufacture and distribute a wide range of products, including bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towels and napkins. Some of our best known brands include Cashmere, Purex, Scotties, SpongeTowels, White Swan and White Cloud.

Website: Kruger Products

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