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Ganz Ganz is a Canadian company best known for manufacturing plush animals and collectibles. More recently it is known as the manufacturer of Webkinz, the toy with an Internet site. Founded in 1950 by Samuel Ganz and his sons Jack and Sam, it was called Ganz Bros. Toys Limited. A private company with headquarters just north of Toronto in Woodbridge, Ontario, it is now run by the founder's grandson, Howard Ganz.

Website: Ganz

Mega Brands

Mega Brands Mega Brands, Incorporated is a publicly traded children's toy company based in Montreal, Canada. Mega Bloks is the name of their most popular toy, plastic building blocks. The building block produced by Mega Bloks is generally seen to be a cheap imitation of the superior brand of plastic blocks, LEGO.

Website: Mega Brands

In The Game Trading Cards

In The Game Trading Cards In The Game Trading Cards is a sports card manufacturing company based in Canada. In The Game, often abbreviated to ITG, was founded by Dr. Brian Price. In The Game only produces hockey trading cards. In The Game's first entrance into the trading card market came in the 1998-1999 season, when they produced the NHL Players Association's "Be A Player" brand trading card set, which featured one certified autograph card per pack. Since then, In The Game has expanded its production to include other sets.

Website: In The Game Trading Cards

Guardians Order

Guardians Order Guardians of Order was a Canadian company founded in 1996 by Mark C. Mackinnon based out of Guelph, Ontario in the business of creating roleplaying games. Their first and perhaps most famous game is the anime inspired game Big Eyes, Small Mouth. In 2006 Guardians of Order ceased operations due to overwhelming debt. The Big Eyes, Small Mouth game used the "Tri-Stat" system. Most of Guardians of Order's game use some form of the Tri-Stat dX system.

Website: Guardians Order

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