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In Canada, the health system is public. This system tries to serve everyone equally and it is directed by the Canada Health Act. While the federal government offers financial support for the health system, the distribution of the health care services is administered by provincial governments.

For instance, the province of Ontario possesses the OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan), which offers health care services to residents of Ontario and people from other provinces and countries that suffer a health problem in Ontario. Health care in Canada is for free to permanent residents for medical treatments. Nevertheless, most treatments required for care have to be paid for. If a treatment is not considered being medically necessary such as (elective cosmetic surgery), this is not covered by the public system. A great percentage of Canadians has employment or other health plans that cover part or all of the charges of the medicines required for treatment.

In Canada, levels of government pay for about 70% of Canadians' health care costs, which is about average for a developed country. Canada is a peculiar country in that the government pays approximately the 100% of hospital and physician care, but provides very little in areas such as prescription drug costs, dental care and Emergency Medical Services.

The Canada's public health system provides of health care services to every person equally. However, in the last years, busy hospitals and emergency rooms, and long waiting times for the treatment have caused a public protest for obtaining a better distribution of the service and private health care centers. Recently, in Quebec a court ruled that each person have the right to choose among the public and private health care. It's illegal in Canada to offer medically necessary services apart of the public health system; therefore, there are no private medical establishments. For non-medically necessary services such as (elective cosmetic surgery), there are a number of private establishments.

Foreigners that need hospital services in Canada may be required to pay for them depending on the length of hospital stay and the gravity of their illness or injury. If you find yourself in a circumstance that you need emergency or hospital services you should contact them using the appropriate contact numbers.

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