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Canadian Business We are a business news and information portal for business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors, powered by Canadian Business, MoneySense and PROFIT. We provide business news, views and reviews: the same writers you have come to respect and trust in Canadian Business magazine now write for Canadian Business Online as well. We offer our analysis and perspective on the economic, trade, managerial, leadership, technology and career issues facing Canada's business leaders today.

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Chickadee Chickadee is a Canadian children's magazine. It was founded in 1979 as a spin-off of Owl Magazine geared towards younger readers. It is one of Canada's more popular magazines with 87,000 subscribers as of 2003. Originally focused on science and nature, the magazine, aimed at kids aged six to nine, has gradually become a more general-purpose children's magazine.

Website: Chickadee


Maisonneuve Maisonneuve is a general interest magazine based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It publishes journalism on arts, science and social and cultural trends. The magazine, published quarterly, defines its mandate as "to dissolve artistic borders between regions, countries, languages, and genres". The magazine was launched in 2002 by Derek Webster. In 2004, Maisonneuve won two National Magazine Awards and the Canadian Newsstand Award.

Website: Maisonneuve


UMM Urban Male Magazine or better known as UMM is Canada's first men's interest magazine. Published quarterly, this magazine represents the interests of 18-34 year olds across Canada. UMM covers content on Canadian nightlife, Canadian babes, Canadian contests and has featured articles ranging from Men's fitness and health to Relationships and sex.

Website: UMM

Lou Lou Magazine

Lou Lou Magazine LOU LOU is a Canadian women's magazine launched in 2004. Carrying the tag line "Canada's shopping magazine," it is printed 11 times per year, and there are editions in both English and French, Canada's two official languages. Editorial coverage focuses on the areas of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. According to its 2007 media kit, LOU LOU's primary audience is women between the ages of 18 to 49.

Website: Lou Lou Magazine


Flare Flare is a Canadian fashion magazine. Flare was formerly Miss Chatelaine magazine until 1979 when it had a reinvention. It has labelled itself "Canada's Fashion magazine". It celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2004. Along with Canadian or wearable fashion, the magazine covers health and beauty available for Canadian women. Its aim is to focus on Canadian content as it tries to focus on Canadian fashion, models and stars.

Website: Flare

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