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The Canadian Dollar (currency code CAD) has been the Canadian currency since 1858. It is generally abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or C$ to differentiate it from other dollar-denominated currencies. It is divided into a 100 cents. The Canadian dollar is the monetary heart of Canadian economy, with all coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and all banknotes printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company and BA International Inc on behalf of the Bank of Canada.

Canadian banking
Banking in Canada is one of the most strongest and safest banking systems in the world. According to the Ministry of Finance, Canada’s banks, also known as chartered banks.

Transferring money
The ways to make money transfers from abroad to a Canada account are electronic transfers, a banker's draft, etc. Here are some other ideas about how to bring or transfer money into Canada.

Taxes in Canada
People in Canada enjoy of many government-funded benefits, such as healthcare, education systems, interconnecting highways, clean drinking water and sanitation systems. To support these services, Canadians pay all sorts of taxes to the federal and provincial governments.

Mortgages in Canada
A mortgage is a credit or loan obtained to pay for the purchase of property, specially a house. In relation to the size of the loan the lender will generally accept security to cover themselves in the event of nonpayment of mortgage installments.

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