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The use of phones in Canada is the same as in any other country. Practically all foreign countries can be direct-dialed. Long Distance Service is a combination of Domestic Long Distance calls and International Long Distance calls. Using Domestic Long distance calls you can call another city within the country and it is generally the same rate across Canada with your long distance call provider.

Domestic Long Distance Calls: For long distance calls, you have to dial 1 and then the 10-digit number of the number you are calling. If you call a cell phone registered in an area outside your area code, you will be billed for long distance call service and your party will be billed for the duration of the call depending on the calling plan they have.

International Long Distance Calls: This kind of call requires you dial the prefix 011 then the country code. For sample if you were to call France from your phone, you would dial: 011 33 and then the French number you wish to call including the corresponding area code.

There is one exception to this dialing protocol. Canada and the United States of America possess the same country code, so if you wish to call the United States from anywhere in Canada, you would have to make the connection the same way you would with a domestic long distance call. If you are calling Miami USA (area code 305), you will have to dial 1 305 and then the number you want to call.

Canada Direct

Canada Direct is a special international access service that permits you, from abroad, to call Canada, another country or to telephone within some country and pay Canadian international long distance rates and not the rates of the country where you are calling. Canada Direct service is useful because it provides you with the opportunity to call Canada from over 130 countries, and to call 230 other countries around the world from 70 countries.

Canada Direct provides a service list, where the user can find the countries and their access numbers, this list is updated often. For a free Canada Direct Wallet Guide with all the access numbers, call 1-800-561-8868. You can also ask your travel agent or one of the Canadian companies listed below.


GlobalTel Dial Direct Services allow customers to make international calls using our Toll Free Numbers accessible in many countries. Service is accessible on a Pre-Paid or Post Paid basis with monthly billing via credit card or wire.

To use the GlobalTel Dial Direct Service, Just phone any of our Dial Direct Access Number and put down your Account Code when prompted then dial the destination number.

If you want to call from the United States or Canada, dial 1-800-430-2331, enter your Account Code then dial the destination number. Existing GlobalTel Customers do not require a new account.

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