Executive MBA

This is a very particular MBA Program, since it is designed for professionals that usually work full time meeting their educational needs. This Program lasts 2 years or less and develops different abilities in students. Since students work and study at the same time their analytical skills quickly improve.

All students have many years of experience and team work is very common and appreciated in this program because of the experience all students have and how Interaction among students offers a very stimulating learning environment.

Other aspects to factor in are that in an EMBA classes begin and end with the same group of students, an EMBA is often more expensive than a regular MBA and EMBA courses imply to process more study material in an accelerated way. Usually students are sponsored by the organization they work for, thus making the program an investment that benefits both the student and the organization directly.

When it comes to selecting candidates for an EMBA program many factors are considered: GMAT scores, work experience, references and university/college records, Most of the time students have 10 years of experience, sometimes even more.

Some magazine research (Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times, etc.) or online research is really helpful in order to know what the MBA Rankings are.

Remember it is important to know how to critically check MBA Rankings.


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