France visa information
France Visa Information
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Learning French
Learning French
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French Companies
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International Calls
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French Media
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MBA Schools in France
MBA Schools in France
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French Economy
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Jobs in France
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Accommodation in France
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Health & Insurance
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Money & Finance
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Why choose France?

France is a large country with a wonderful geographical variety. Her transportation and health systems are among the world's very best. France is a safe and tolerant country.

Today France is the world's fourth largest economy and second largest exporter of services a prime site for innovation, development and investigation. The successes of France's scientists, engineers, and designers are known around the world through airbus, the high speed train, the Ariane rocket, the discovery of the human immune deficiency virus, high fashion, luxury goods, fine food and wine, and much more.

Higher education system, modern, updated and active in France, trains the leaders of a nation that plays a central role in the business, science and culture.

Students have the opportunity to enrich their French experience with new knowledge, discoveries and experiences. Most schools added European components to their programs, offering courses on Europe or internships elsewhere in the European Union.

In France, you will have access to a multitude of athletic, touristic, and cultural activities; every thing with a special cost. Most of France's institutions of higher education are located in city centers, close to cultural and social life. Museums, libraries, cinemas, theaters, and cafes are rarely very far away.

Bienvenue en France!