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CitroŽn In 1998, CitroŽn became the first French car manufacturer to organise the certification of its European subsidiaries, more specifically, the subsidiaries in Germany and Belgium/Luxembourg. This certification guarantees the level of service provided by the subsidiary and constitutes a seal of reliability for the distribution network, which is thus able to make a formal commitment to you, the customer.

Website: CitroŽn


Peugeot The histories of the Peugeot family and of the company are directly linked to one region: eastern France, Montbeliard. The Lion, the emblem of the make, is also on the coat of arms of Franche-Comtť, the birthplace of the family. Peugeot is an industrial adventure, but also a human one. It is the story of a family that was able to adapt to the changes of each age, while retaining a strong social conscience: setting up a savings bank, a mutual help organization; free treatment, insurance, hospitals, schools, a pension system, a 10 hour day, 33 years before it was law.

Website: Peugeot


Renault Renault has 130,000 employees who design, manufacture and market safe and appealing vehicles. Our profitable growth strategy includes an unswerving commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality, coupled with a drive for innovation. Boasting over 100 years of successful operations, Renault continues to expand internationally with Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors and the Alliance with Nissan.

Website: Renault


Michelin In 1889 two brothers, Andrť and Edouard Michelin, embarked one of the great human and industrial adventures of our times: one that shaped and continues to drive progress in modern means of transport through constant innovation. From the invention of radial tires to that of Pax System, and from the first gastronomic guide to the steel wheel, Michelin has played an active role at every stage of the automotive adventure.

Website: Michelin


Venturi Automobiles Venturi is a Monťgasque manufacturer of sports cars. From the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s they built mid-engined coupťs and roadsters with turbocharged PRV engines and Renault gearboxes. Engine power ranged from 210 to 260 hp for the Atlantique series. A limited edition 400 GTR was built for racing homologation requirements, and later used in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Website: Venturi

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