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Banque de France

Banque de France The Banque de France was created on 18 January 1800 by Napoléon Bonaparte, who was then First Consul, to foster renewed economic growth in the wake of the deep recession of the Revolutionary period. The new Bank's task was to issue bank notes payable to the bearer on sight in exchange for discounted commercial bills.

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BNP PARIBAS In all its core businesses, BNP Paribas is determined to be a benchmark banking group that considers the customer as its key preoccupation and actively pursues the improvement of its earning capacity. This three-way objective has led it to define the values which must guide the attitude of each employee and inspire the management principles implemented at every level of the Group, both within and outside France.


HSBC The world's local bank

HSBC The world's local bank You've just arrived in France, or perhaps you're planning to go abroad? You want to emigrate, are already based abroad, or maybe you're being relocated to France by your company? HSBC France can provide solutions to your banking questions and assist with your projects. Trusting HSBC will allow you share in the knowledge of a Group where international expertise has always been a top priority. Thanks to a network of over 9,800 branches in 77 countries, we will be by your side wherever you choose to go.

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SOPRA GROUP As a major European Consulting, Systems Integration and Application Outsourcing company, Sopra Group guides businesses in their conversion projects, from the definition of strategies to their implementation. Our assets: expertise in major projects, knowledge of our clients’ specific business, expertise in technologies, and a broad European presence.


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