Learning French in France

Learning French in France

When you are deciding on a foreign language for work or studies, think that French is one of the languages that will give you the most alternatives later on in your studies or your career. French as a foreign language is the second most frequently taught language in the world after English.

The importance of French language

Around the world French language maintains a well deserved place of importance, for a number of reasons:

  • French is comprehensively spoken in five continents and in many another countries around the world, as a native tongue, language of instruction, language of government and lingua franca of business.
  • French language is between the most important languages of diplomacy and of the main international organizations.
  • French language is considered to be among the three or four most important languages on internet, because of the number of websites, vigorous efforts to create viable internet discussion lists, success in connecting francophone countries in the southern hemisphere, and it is use in page translator applications.
  • Many people in countries where the language is French are among the very active promoters of the French language. French speakers worldwide enhance their sense of linguistic community through the organizations of "la francophonie", which now has its own General Secretary.
  • The characteristics of French language in semantic reliability and clarity, container of the universals of contemporary material culture, strength in verbs and representation in Roman characters are positive attributes. So is its association with the more widely appreciated features of French culture.

Why learn French in France

One big benefit of studying in France is the opportunity to live in the place, besides learning is easier, it gives better results and it is more stimulating and fun. Most courses in France are taught in French, a language spoken by more than 200 million people in 50 countries. Did you know that France is the most visited country in the world? French people are proud of their cultural heritage, lovely countryside, quiet towns, etc. You'll study in the heart of Europe.

France is a beautiful country in Europe. It's also a very important cultural center. And that's really important for a person who wants to learn to talk French. You can't choose to study here without taking into consideration the richness of the culture and history of the country.

Studying in France does not represent studying only French culture. Many if not most schools have added European elements to their programs, offering courses in Europe or internships elsewhere in the European Union. Students have the chance to enrich their French experience with new discoveries and experiences.

France is an interesting country and an ideal place for the student who wants to explore Europe. It is really simple, to reach most of Europe's important cities. Amsterdam, London, Brussels, Barcelona, Milan all of them are waiting for you for the weekend or for a longer stay.

French Courses

In order to get started, many people choose to enroll in a French language course. Between local universities offering language programs and specific language schools, there are many different options in offer.
Courses are conducted almost exclusively in French, even for beginners, which should help you become accustomed to French sounds and pronunciation.

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