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The French healthcare service is still one of the best in the world, giving a wide choice of general practitioners and healthcare specialists. For those who have experienced the health system in France and, for example, the UK, the contrast in standards can be startling.

The French healthcare system is funded by the working-class population. French employees pay about 20 percent of their entire salary, the self-employed pay yet a little more, deducted at source of their payment to fund the French social security system, known as (Sécurité sociale). An important proportion of this money goes towards public healthcare, to which every legal resident of France has access under the law of universal coverage called La Couverture maladie universelle.

If a person subscribes to Sécurité sociale, part of the cost of their medical treatment is covered by the state. However, regardless of coverage, everyone in France can consult a doctor or specialist. Similarly, everyone has the right to emergency hospital treatment, although for those who subscribe to Sécurité sociale, the cost is partly reimbursed.

Affiliation to the French health system
It is now obligatory for all legal residents of France, irrespective of nationality to affiliate to the French health system. The procedure is different, however, depending on your status.

Health insurance in France.
It is important to take out health insurance in France in order to insure your health, protect your assets and give you freedom of choice. This health insurance will also give you access to the best medical facilities worldwide and provides important medical cover where you need it.

The cost of going to the doctor
The tariff for an adult consulting a médicin traitant is 21€; for children aged two-six years old it is 24€; and for children under two it is 25€. On top of this, for most people there is a one euro charge that is not reimbursed by either the state or police complémentaire.

Hospitals and Clinics of France
In France, all public hospitals provide emergency services on a 24-hour basis. Most of public hospitals in France have the most advanced technology to provide highly specialized services.

Emergency Numbers

Here, you can find the numbers of emergency services in France. You can call these numbers free of charge from a home or public payphone. In case of an emergency, don't worry about insurance issues and head directly to the nearest hospital emergency room (urgencies).

Why not print this list out and keep it by your telephone?

  • Medical - Samu (ambulance) dial 15
  • Police - Gendarme dial 17
  • Fire - Pompier (Fire-brigade): dial 18
  • Sea or Lake Rescue 1616
  • Child Abuse Hotline 119 / 0800 05 41 41
  • Homeless Hotline 115 / 0800 30 63 06
  • Drugs & Alcohol Hotline 113
  • HIV/AIDS Info / SIDA 0800 84 08 00
  • Red Cross Info 0800 85 88 58
  • Ecoute Alcool (Alcohol helpline) 0811 91 30 30 (Open 14:00 to 2:00)
  • Ecoute Cannabis (Canabis helpline) 0 811 91 20 20 (Open 8:00 to 20:00)
  • Drogues Info (Drug abuse helpline) 0800 23 13 13 (Freephone) 01 70 23 13 13 (Call from a mobile phone)
Note: If you are calling from a mobile phone you should dial the Single European emergency call number of 112.

European citizens in distress situations should be able to call the 112 and get through to the emergency services in all Member States. Thus, anyone travelling within the Union has to remember only one number and this guarantees a quicker and more efficient intervention.

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