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The tariff for an adult consulting a mdicin traitant is 21; for children aged two-six years old it is 24; and for children under two it is 25. On top of this, for most people there is a one euro charge that is not reimbursed by either the state or police complmentaire.

At the end of your consultation you pay with cash, by cheque, or occasionally with a carte bancaire (debit card). Today, though, increasing numbers of practitioners are linked via computer to the CPAM and therefore do not require the full charge to be paid up front if you have a carte vitale.

If you do not have a carte vitale but have a social security number, you will be given a feuille de soins-mdecin that you then forward to your local Caisse primaire d'Assurance Maladie (CPAM). It will reimburse you the approved amount and, if a complement is also due, forward the paperwork to your police complmentaire.

The tariff for a referral to most practitioners in Secteur 1 is 27. Specialists in Secteur 2 are free to set their own terms, but these should be clearly displayed.
Medicine From 1 January 2006, some 156 medicines lost their eligibility to reimbursement and others had their level reimbursement reduced (such as veinotoniques for the treatment of varicose veins). You may find that there is a considerable difference in price from one pharmacy to another, so if you are a regular user of non-prescribed medicines it may be worth shopping around.

Dental charges From 1 May 2006 there was a considerable increase in routine dental charges (costs for procedures such as fillings and extractions had been stable since 1998). Now, a one-surface filling is 16.87; an extraction 33.44. The rate of reimbursement from the CPAM remains at 70 per cent.

From 2007, children will be eligible for a free dental check at age six, nine, 12, 15 and 18 (at the moment it is yearly between 13-18). Parents will receive a form the month before their child's birthday, and it will be valid for three months.

Excess payment for actes medicaux in excess of E91 An excess of 18 euros will be payable by the patient for such actes. However, there are many exceptions including laboratory tests and X-Rays.

Hospital From 1 January 2006 the daily hotel charge for a hospital stay is 15 euros.

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