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It isn´t an easy task to find a job in France, especially for foreigners. The way the French system is directed makes it difficult for everyone to find long-term salaried employment. Unemployment levels in France are falling, but they are still relatively high. This makes it hard for everybody to find a job in most sectors.

The job market in France is also much less flexible than in the UK and US. The salaried with a permanent employment contract has very high levels of legal protection (Contrat Durée Indeterminée, CDI). A person who has been responsible for hiring people in France will be quick to tell you about how difficult and complex it is to fire even the most incompetent and lazy employees. This legal protection is great once you have a salaried position, but it also means that employers are very reluctant to hire people on a CDI contract.

One way to obtain a job or a permanent position in France implies demonstrating your merit over a serie of stages, or internships. Sometimes these can be unpaid, but occasionally are quite well remunerated and are to all extents and purposes like a real job except that they are less durable. Sometimes people still can be doing stages, up to the age of 30 and beyond. People move up the career ladder more slowly in France.

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ADECCO Adecco is the world leader in human resource solutions, with a comprehensive service offering that includes temporary & contract staffing, outsourcing, permanent recruitment, outplacement and career services, training and consulting. With 6600 offices in 70 countries and territories, the company is well positioned to service its client base, be this for large global clients or small local business partners. In French. Adecco is a large, worldwide temporary work agency. The site lets you browse for short-term positions, and helps you write a CV.

Website: ADECCO

Association Bernard Gregory

Association Bernard Gregory Founded in 1980, the Association Bernard Gregory promotes the value of training through research to the non-academic world and helps the entry of young PhDs from any discipline into business. In French. This site provides job listings for scientists in France.

Website: Association Bernard Gregory


MONSTER Welcome to Monster, the biggest and most comprehensive internet job search engine on the web. Find a job that will make you happy with our extensive job/career search database. In French. Part of the Monster network, a large jobsite where you can browse job announcements, post your CV, read articles, sign up for a newsletter, and discover the companies that recruit through Monster France.

Website: MONSTER


CADREMPLOI FRANCE Cadremploi was created in 1990, on the initiative of about fifty recruitment agencies, with the aim of reuniting on a single guide, accessible to all, all the situations which they have to provide any work. Today, publishes the offers of more than 600 recruitment agencies representing the majority of their profession and opportunities of job.



AOL AOL Find a Job offers the most comprehensive listings through its partnership with AOL Find a Job is the place to go on the Internet for job alerts, information, career advice, tips and tools. In French. Search for jobs in France based on career choice, location, and salary level.

Website: AOL

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