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Direct dial service is a telecommunications way for a network-provided service feature in which a call originator may, without operator assistance, call any other user inside or outside the local calling area. This service requires more digits in the number dialed than are required for calling within the local area. This, matter of fact, extends beyond the boundaries of national public telephone networks.

Global Access Plus France Service

Global Access Plus (GA+) is a Primus direct dial service that can be used from a registered land line only. It uses an intelligent global optic fiber network and is designed to give the customer speed, ease of use, benefits from reduced rates for Local, National, and International calls, as well as to mobile phones with crystal clear connections. The Customer is allowed to choose from dialing a prefix for each call or pre selection that will require no prefix. All calls will be routed over the Primus network (except special numbers and to special services offered by the national operator).

How the GA + France Service Works

  • The customer dials the prefix 1656 from their registered touch-tone telephone.
  • The phone number is recognized by the switch as being registered, and the customer hears a bong tone and can then dial the destination number, after having dialed the correct country code.
Customer Instructions

  • National calls, dial 1656 + 0 + city code + number.
    For example: 1656 + 0 + 1 + 41439648.
  • International calls, dial 1656 + 00 + country code + city code + number.
    For example: 1656 + 00 + 44 + 1 + 716696314.
  • Mobile calls, dial 3133 (wait for a tone) + 0 + 6 + the rest of the mobile number.
    For example: 3133 + 0 + 6 + 14190000.

Direct Dial Convenience by Telegroup

Save on calls from ANY telephone: mobile phones, fax machines, fixed line phones, hotel rooms, PC modems, switchboards, etc.

How the Direct Dial Convenience works

From Your telephone:
  1. Dial 3088 or, in Paris, dial a local access number (01-4197-8888).
  2. Dial your destination number.
From Any telephone:
  1. Dial 3088 or, in Paris, dial a local access number (01-4197-8888).
  2. Enter an Authorization Code (PIN).
  3. Dial your destination number.

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