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International calls from home can be virtually expensive. One of the cheapest ways to talk with your family and friends is to use an international prepaid calling card. Prepaid international calling cards offer you a wide range of advantages on international calls:
  • Card providers offer very cheap calls because they buy high quantities of international minutes at large discounts.
  • They generally offer the lowest rates available; you can save up to 90% of the cost of a normal call.
  • You can use these cards from every phone (your office, work, home, mobile and public phones)
  • If you use a toll-free number, you can call from work or a friend's phone without them being charged for the call.
  • It's easy to control your spending and avoid the 'bad surprise' of a huge monthly phone invoice.

Choosing a prepaid calling card

Buying a prepaid international card is difficult if you are searching for a cheap one; there are many cards accessible; tariffs and conditions are really complicated. The best advice we can give is to try different cards until you find out which one is best for you, even if you use the wrong card you will probably cut your costs by 50%.

Stores seldom have ample information or give useful advice. You might buy one card of the stock, this could be a bad value card where the credit disappears quickly or the service doesn´t connect properly.

When choosing a card, take into account:
  • The tariffs for the countries you call.
  • The time duration of your calls, some cards have a small connection charge which is a disadvantage if you make lots of short calls, but no problem if you speak for an hour at a time to family and friends.
  • The expiration date of your cards, all the cards expire generally 30-90 days from the first time you use it to call. Some cards also have a daily maintenance charge, which obviously matters less if you use the card quickly.
The main thing to remember is that the card with the lowest rate per minute might not be the most efficient card for you.

How to use a prepaid calling card

Using prepaid calling cards is easy once you understand how they work. All you need to know is the right access number to dial and a PIN number.

Each calling card is a little different, but they all work with the following process:

  1. Dial the access number
  2. Enter your PIN number
  3. Dial your destination
Most cards have a language-selection option and many other services. A good example of this is that many cards allow you to turn on number recognition, so if you call from home you can get the card to recognise you after the first call so you don't have to enter the PIN again.

MOX Titan

MOX Titan Recharge Options: No
Minute Rounding: 2 min
Expiration: 90 days after first use
Payphone surcharge: € 0.10 per minute (variable)
Native Currency: EUR 10.0, 20.0


Supercall Recharge Options: No
Minute Rounding: 1 min
Expiration: 60 days after first use
Payphone surcharge: None
Native Currency: EUR 15.0


Connect Recharge Options: Yes
Minute Rounding: 1 min
Expiration: None
Payphone surcharge: None
Native Currency: EUR 39.90, 15.96, 7.98

Skytel Traveler

Skytel Traveler Recharge Options: No
Minute Rounding: 1 min
Expiration: 6 months after initial use
Payphone surcharge: € 0.24 per minute (variable)
Native Currency: EUR 15.96, 7.98

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