Germany visa information
Germany Visa Information
Step-by-step guides to procedures and paperwork.

Learning German
Learning German
How and where to learn German in Germany.

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German Companies
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International Calls
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German Media
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Transport & Relocation
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MBA Schools in Germany
MBA Schools in Germany
Best business schools offering mba programs in Germany.

German Economy
German Economy
Facts and figures on Germany Economy.

Jobs in Germany
Jobs in Germany
Job search in Germany, salaries and holidays.

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Accommodation in Germany
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Health & Insurance
Health insurance, doctors, hospitals & emergencies.

Money and finance
Money & Finance
Money and Finance in Germany.

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Why choose Germany?

Germany is a better place to live with because of its rich history. Germany has had a seminal impact on Continental history. Considered the seventh largest country in Europe, the country has a very varied terrain. Germany has forested mountains and the Alps are located toward the south of the country. With a population of around 82,422,299 as per the estimation of 2006, the country can be called largely urban. Immigrate to Germany is a beautiful option because German lifestyle is comfortable and calm. People live a life of leisure and pleasure, with a compressive social welfare in the air.

Berlin is the capital of Germany, this city is the most populated in Germany, the second city with more of habitants is Bonn, and this is because Bonn was the provincial capital of West Germany.

Germany has a lot to give to foreign students, may they be first-year students or postgraduates. German universities have been the place of many interesting discoveries, gaining international renown. Modern German universities also associate theoretical work with its practical application. Students are allowed to work, students do not require work permits; however, there is a yearly limit of 90 days work.

Willkommen in Deutschland!