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Junkers Junkers was a major German aircraft manufacturer. It produced some of the world's most innovative and well known airplanes over the course of its fifty-plus year history in Dessau, Germany. The history of Junkers aircraft production begins with the Junkers J1. Research for this aircraft began in 1914 and was interrupted by the start of the First World War. The prototype aircraft was completed in 1915 after the outbreak of the war. This aircraft is significant in that it was the first airplane to utilize an all-metal fuselage design.

Website: Junkers

Centurion Engines

Centurion Engines The Centurion is a series of diesel cycle aircraft engines for general aviation built by Thielert Aircraft Engines. So much interest was expressed in their 150 hp (112 kW) class engine for small aircraft that a much larger V-8 based on the same principles has since been introduced. As manufacturer of the CENTURION aircraft engines, we - the German-based company Thielert - offer state-of-the-art, fuel efficient jet fuel piston aircraft engines to General Aviation flight schools, charter companys, clubs, and every pilot who wants to enjoy lower operating costs for fuel and service. The engines makes flying significantly cheaper.

Website: Centurion Engines

Hirth - Göbler-Hirthmotoren GmbH

Hirth - Göbler-Hirthmotoren GmbH Göbler-Hirthmotoren GmbH is an aircraft engine manufacturer based in Benningen, Germany. The company was founded by Hellmuth Hirth in 1920 as Hellmuth Hirth Versuchsbau, renamed Leichtmetall-Werke GmbH and finally Elektronmetall GmbH as a manufacturer of light alloy engine components, including parts for aircraft engine components.

Website: Hirth - Göbler-Hirthmotoren GmbH

Limbach Flugmoteren

Limbach Flugmoteren Limbach Flugmoteren is a German company producing a range of aircraft engines for both the light general aviation aircraft sector as well as ultralight aircraft and airships. Many are based on the Volkswagen flat-4 engine with displacement of up to 2.4 litres, and up to 150 BHP in the turbocharged model.

Website: Limbach Flugmoteren

MTU Aero Engines

MTU Aero Engines MTU Aero Engines, Germany's leading aircraft engine manufacturer, develops, manufactures and provides service support for aircraft engines, military and civil alike. MTU Aero Engines was formerly known as MTU München. Its customers are manufacturers and operators of engines and industrial gas turbines across the world. MTU is short for Motoren- und Turbinen-Union.

Website: MTU Aero Engines

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