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Beiderbeck Designs

Beiderbeck Designs Beiderbeck Designs - this name represents more than 26 years of experience in designing and building motor and sailing yachts. In our office at Bremen-Vegesack naval architects, architects, designers and interior designers take care of all services involved in building a megayacht. beiderbeck designs attends to any question the owner might have concerning the yacht of his dreams, from first consultation to final inspection.

Website: Beiderbeck Designs

Cassens Plath

Cassens Plath Founded in 1902. Manufacturer of all kind of magnetic compasses for worldwide use as well as for internal navigation. Reflector compass binnacles, spherical magnetic compasses, electromagnetic compasses and transmitting magnetic compasses, course monitors, electronic heading references, sextants and miscellaneous nautical inventory.

Website: Cassens Plath


HAMANN AG With the experience of over 30 years HAMANN AG is one of the leading companies in design, planning, manufacturing and delivery of high quality stainless steel waste-water-treatment plants for sea-going vessels of every kind.

Website: HAMANN AG


Westfalia Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems is a market leader in the field of centrifugal treatment of mineral oils and their derivatives. The sales programme comprises centrifugal separators, decanters and the associated system technology for applications on board of ships, in power plants, for crude oil recovery and in industry. With the further development of tried and tested solution as well as the new development of innovative technology, solutions are found for the centrifugal duties in the sectors Marine, Energy, Oilfield and Industry.

Website: Westfalia

Reckmann Yacht Equipment GmbH

Reckmann Yacht Equipment GmbH The company is one of the leading producers and traders of reefing equipment and is a synonym for quality, continuity and innovation in sailing sport. The company manufactures full batten masts as well as in-mast reefing systems up to 30 meters in one piece, without a shaft. They are also specialized in powerful but compact hydraulic power packs for various yachting uses.

Website: Reckmann Yacht Equipment GmbH

Boats for Sale

Boat for Sale In you will have the opportunity to sell your boat, and also buy any boat all over the world. Notre that We don't sell boats and we don't win anything selling boats, the owners contact with buyers directly. Also, you can find information of types of different boats, boat insurances, boat activities, boating tips, boating schools, and many other things.

Website: Boat for Sale

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