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Hochtief HOCHTIEF Aktiengesellschaft is Germany's largest construction company. It is based in Essen but operates globally, ranking as the top general builder in the United States through its Turner Corporation subsidiary, and in Australia through the Leighton Group. As of 2006 it employs 42,000 employees across five corporate divisions. One of these, HOCHTIEF AirPort, is a major airport operator. The others are involved with construction project planning, finance, construction and operation. Sales revenues in 2004 were €11.94 billion, with more than 80% coming from operations outside Germany.

Website: Hochtief


Howaldtswerke Howaldtswerke is a German shipyard founded October 1838 in Kiel at the Bay of Kiel of the Baltic Sea by the engineer August Howaldt and the Kiel entrepreneur Johann Schweffel under the name "Maschinenbauanstalt und Eisengießerei Schweffel & Howaldt", initially building boilers. It is run by Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG (HDW).

Website: Howaldtswerke


KUKA KUKA Robotics and its German parent company KUKA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial robots and automation systems for a variety of industries - from automotive and fabricated metals to food and plastics. In 1973 KUKA built its first industrial robot, known as FAMULUS. This was the world's first robot with six electromechanically driven axes. Today the company’s 4 and 6 axis robots range from 3 kg to 570 kg payloads, and 350 mm to 3700 mm reach, SCARAs, palletizers, gantry and articulated robots, all controlled from a common PC based controller platform.

Website: KUKA


Liebherr The Liebherr Group is a German manufacturer established in 1949 by Hans Liebherr. Current-generation family ownership is held by Willi and Isolde Liebherr, listed among the billionaires of 2005. Beginning with the production of affordable tower cranes, Liebherr has expanded to aircraft parts and household appliances. Liebherr T282 "dump truck"Liebherr is also among the producers of the largest mining and digging tools in the world, such as loaders, excavators and extreme-size dump trucks. Over the years the family business has grown into what is today a group of companies, employing a workforce of approx. 22,000 in more than 100 companies on all continents.

Website: Liebherr

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