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Epcos EPCOS develops, manufactures and markets electronic components, focusing on fast-growing leading-edge technology markets: in IT and telecommunications, but also in automotive, industrial and consumer electronics. A uniquely broad product portfolio and truly global presence have made EPCOS the market leader in Europe and number two in the world. In SAW components, ceramic components, capacitors and inductors alike, EPCOS consistently stands for superlative electronic performance.

Website: Epcos


Grundig Grundig AG is a German manufacturer of consumer electronics for home entertainment. Max Grundig established the company in Nuremberg in 1945, shortly after World War II. The history of the company began in 1930 with the establishment of a store named Fuerth, Grundig & Wurzer (RVF), which sold radios. After World War II Max Grundig recognized the need in Germany for radios and in 1947 produced a kit, while a factory and administration centre were under construction at Fürth. In 1951 the first televisions were manufactured at the new facility with the company and the surrounding area growing rapidly.

Website: Grundig


Infineon As one of the leaders in the field of semiconductor technology, Infineon occupies a prominent position in an industry in which research and development play such an essential role in the realization of growth potential. It is only with the continuous development of competitive and innovative products that we are able to achieve success as one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers.

Website: Infineon


Sennheiser Electro-acoustic products at marketable prices demand economical manufacturing methods. To meet this requirement Sennheiser depends on highly developed logistics and on the intelligent networking of all those involved. Continuous optimization of the workflows and investment in state-of-the-art production technologies also make their contribution. The declared goal of Sennheiser is to further develop its competence in the production of electro-acoustic products and thus to ensure a long-term technological edge and continued outstanding quality.

Website: Sennheiser


Siemens Siemens (Berlin and Munich) is a global powerhouse in electrical engineering and electronics. The company has 475,000 employees working to develop and manufacture products, design and install complex systems and projects, and tailor a wide range of services for individual requirements. Siemens provides innovative technologies and comprehensive know-how to benefit customers in over 190 countries. Founded more than 155 years ago, the company focuses on the areas of Automation and Control, Power, Transportation, Medical, Information and Communications and Lighting.

Website: Siemens

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