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E. On

E. On E.ON will become the world's leading electricity and gas company. And we are geared up to do that. E.ON is structured along market-oriented lines, has a very solid financial base, and follows a highly-coherent strategy. The way we work together is based on shared values that are integral to our company’s identity. They will help us travel the path towards being the world’s leading power and gas company. Our mission is to be valued by our customers for bringing competitive solutions, reliability, comfort, and convenience to their lives and businesses. We win by being an integrated power and gas company, combining international strength with local focus, and applying the best ideas from across our group and beyond. If we do this, we create superior value for our shareholders and excellent opportunities for our employees.

Website: E. On


EnBW With some five million customers, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG with its headquarters in Karlsruhe is the third largest energy company in Germany. In 2005, EnBW generated annual sales of approx. € 10,769.3 million with around 17,800 employees. Our core activities focus on the segments electricity, gas as well as energy and environmental services. Following the liberalisation of the electricity market, we quickly positioned ourselves in the competition and were one of the first energy companies to offer electricity throughout Germany. As pioneers and forerunners on the energy market, we give impetus for scientific research and development.

Website: EnBW


EnOcean EnOcean has become the de facto standard for sensors that are wireless, batteryless and maintenance free. Our groundbreaking components create energy seemingly from nothing. The slightest change in pressure, the smallest variation in temperature is enough to generate power for our ultra efficient sensors to make their readings and transmit their results. At EnOcean our focus is to help OEMs to bring compelling products to market in the shortest timeframes possible. Some of our OEMs build products with our off the shelf devices, other work with us to design 8custom devices optimised to their specific needs. All of them benefit from the greater functionality, accelerated time to market and reduced development risk that comes from using a proven technology.

Website: EnOcean

Linde AG

Linde AG Linde AG is the registered company name of the global industrial gases company now known as The Linde Group. Linde AG shares are traded on all the German stock exchanges and also in Zürich with the symbol LIN, and the Linde share price is included in the DAX 30 index. Prior to its acquisition of The BOC Group in September 2006, Linde AG comprised of three principal business areas: industrial gases, engineering and materials handling.

Website: Linde AG


RWE AG RWE AG is a German public utility and electric power company based in Essen. Through its various subsidiaries, the energy conglomerate distributes electricity, gas, water and environmental services to more than 120 million clients (personal and business), principally in Europe and North America. RWE is the second largest electricity producer in Germany (after E.ON). In the United States the RWE owns and operates the American Water Works and its CalAm (California American Water) subsidiary.

Website: RWE AG

SolarWorld AG

SolarWorld AG SolarWorld AG is a fast growing German company dedicated to manufacture and market photovoltaic products worldwide by integrating all components of the solar value chain, from feedstock to module production, from trade with solar panels to the construction of solar power plants. The Group controls the development of solar power technologies at all levels in-house. Within the SolarWorld Group many specialized workers are employed in the enterprise's units located in Bonn, Freiberg and in Sweden.

Website: SolarWorld AG

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