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Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Hugo Boss established his company in Metzingen, Germany, in 1923, only a few years after the end of World War I, while most of the country was in a state of economic ruin. Boss died in 1948, and the company then languished in relative obscurity until the 1950s, when, in 1953, Hugo Boss released its first suit design for menswear. In 1993, 70 years after its founding, Hugo Boss launched its first fragrance, and created a division which has since grown to be an important part of the company.

Website: Hugo Boss

Jil Sander

Jil Sander Jil Sander is a German fashion designer known for understated and sleek designs, luxurious fabrics and her perfume line. It is also the name of the fashion house she founded, Jil Sander AG. Her minimalist trademarks include striking silhouettes, high-end fabrics, and meticulous detail, emphasizing quality over flash. Her work descends from that of Coco Chanel, as opposed to the bleeding-edge esthetic of Lagerfeld and Gaultier or the trendiness of sportswear design, as exemplified by the like of Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein.

Website: Jil Sander


Wella Wella is one of the world’s leading cosmetics suppliers. Founded in 1880, the company is represented in over 150 countries. This gives the beauty specialist enterprise the market presence and customer partnership necessary for success and growth on all the relevant markets. Wella distributes, manufactures and carries out research around the globe, across all borders and regions. Global brands, employee mobility and international presence form the basis of a global company philosophy, and the company’s three business divisions - Professional, Consumer, Cosmetics and Fragrances - are exclusivly dedicated to the cosmetics area.

Website: Wella

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