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Arcor Arcor is the second-biggest fixed phone line provider in Germany . It is owned by Vodafone (73,65%), Deutsche Bahn (18,17%) and Deutsche Bank (8,18%) and has its headquarters in Eschborn near Frankfurt. Arcor is one of the few telecommunication companies in Germany who operate an ISDN network independent from the incumbent Deutsche Telekom. Arcor has one million ADSL customers and 1,1 million ISDN customers. Arcor was the first German telecommunications provider offering a phone flatrate for the ISDN line.

Website: Arcor

T-Deutsche Telekon

T-Deutsche Telekon As one of the world's leading telecommunications and information technology service providers, Deutsche Telekom is setting international standards. Benefit for the customer is at the center of all activities. Globally, the 'T' is to rank as the brand for quality, efficiency and innovation. Deutsche Telekom offers millions of private and corporate customers all over the world the entire spectrum of modern information technology and telecommunications services - from wireless communications, Internet and fixed-network to complex IT and telecommunications solutions.

Website: T-Deutsche Telekon


E-Plus E-Plus is a mobile telecommunications operator in Germany. With 8.5 million subscribers as of 2004 E-Plus is the third largest mobile operator in Germany, after T-Mobile (26.7 million subscribers) and Vodafone (25 million subscribers). The network started operation as a "metropolitan" network, with coverage only in the biggest cities, in 1994. The coverage area was expanded rapidly, but for years the network's image was hampered by the view that its coverage was lacking. E-Plus was the first network in Germany to offer prepaid tariffs to its customers and later introduced HSCSD, which boosts data rates on GSM networks to analogue modem speed levels. Shortly after that, E-Plus upgraded its network to support GPRS. They now also operate a 3G UMTS network.

Website: E-Plus

Atsec information security

Atsec information security Atsec information security is an independent, standards-based IT (information technology) security consulting and evaluation services company that combines a business-oriented approach to information security with in-depth technical knowledge and global experience. The company was founded in January 2000 by three internationally-recognized security professionals: Helmut Kurth, Sal La Pietra, and Staffan Persson.

Website: Atsec information security


Freenet is a German telecommunications and Internet service provider. The company is a subsidiary of Mobilcom, which owns 52% of its shares. The Group's principal activity is to provide internet connectivity services. The services provided by the Group include sharing of internet access charges; online shopping services through which it derives commission, monthly charges and customer acquisition premiums; marketing of internet banner advertisements. In addition, the Group is involved in the development of software solutions and EDP services.

Website: Freenet

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