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Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn Deutsche Bahn AG is Germany's main railway operator, providing passenger and freight services. The successor of the Deutsche Bundesbahn of West Germany and the Deutsche Reichsbahn of the former East Germany, it has operated since 1 January 1994. In its advertising materials, DB refers to itself as Die Bahn, which in German means literally "the course" or "the path" but is used in this case as a synonym for "the railway" (Bahn abbreviated from Eisenbahn). The headquarters is located in Berlin. The Deutsche Bahn is the world's largest transportation company.

Website: Deutsche Bahn


Fraport Fraport AG is the German transport company, which operates the Frankfurt International Airport serving Frankfurt Am Main and the smaller Frankfurt-Hahn Airport located 130 kilometers west of the city. It is also involved in several other airports outside of Germany. It is listed on both the Xetra and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company's current chief executive officer is Wilhelm Bender. As of 2004, the company has approximately 24,000 employees - about 15,000 of them in Frankfurt and an annual revenue of about 2 billion Euros.

Website: Fraport


Hapag-Lloyd Hapag-Lloyd is a German transportation company comprising a cargo container shipping line, Hapag-Lloyd Container Line, and a cruise line, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. For more than 150 years, Hapag-Lloyd has linked continents, countries and cultures. A leading supplier in the global door-to-door container transport industry, the company handles complex logistics packages along the transportation chain, delivering a comprehensive range of services that run the entire gamut of shipping needs.

Website: Hapag-Lloyd


MAN AG MAN AG (formerly called Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg AG) is a German transportation company. The MAN Group is mostly known for producing buses and trucks though the group is primarily involved in engineering activities. The MAN Group is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles, engines and mechanical engineering equipment with annual sales of approximately €13 billion and circa 50,000 employees worldwide. MAN supplies trucks, buses, diesel engines, turbomachinery as well as industrial services and holds leading market positions in all its business areas. MAN AG is one of the top 30 companies listed on the German stock exchange (DAX).

Website: MAN AG

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