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One of the most important things when going abroad is to make sure that you are covered in case of accidents or illness. The German health care system has the prestige of being one of the best in the world. There is an extensive network of hospitals and doctors covering even the most remote areas of Germany.

Waiting lists for treatments are rare. Medical facilities are equipped with the latest technology and the statutory health insurance scheme provides nearly full cover for most medical treatments and medicines. Almost everybody in Germany has access to this system, irrespective of income or social status.

The disadvantage is that medical costs are high. Health care costs for hospital stays, doctors and even medicines are among the most expensive in the world. There is no such thing as free treatment in Germany, not even in state hospitals.

Therefore, it is very important to have a full health care insurance, when you are coming to Germany, a serious disease could cause a financial catastrophe. In some cases, you will even be obliged to prove you have adequate cover.

Hospitals in Germany
Hospital care is, in general, excellent and medical facilities usually have the latest technology. All hospitals are open to all insured patients, except some private clinics. Normally doctors transfer patients to a hospital and control of treatment is then managed by a doctor there.

Pharmacies and medical prescriptions
There are two ways of medication: freely available drugs and medical-prescription-only medicines, which require a prescription from a doctor. The prescription is given to the pharmacy by the patient and the pharmacist delivers the medicines.

Health insurance
Your first priority when coming to Germany should be to have a health insurance. Maybe if you find a job after arriving to Germany or if your company transfers you to Germany, it is most probably that the health insurance is already included in your job contract.

Hospitals and Clinics of Germany
Most public hospitals in Germany have the most advanced technology to provide highly specialized services.

Emergency Numbers

If you need to be treated urgently for some emergency at night, at weekend or on public holidays, go to "emergency" at the nearest hospital or call an emergency doctor (Notarzt).

You can find a doctor in the local newspapers under the section of emergency medical services, other way, you can call a doctor near you; the answering machine will inform you which doctors are currently on call.

The emergency numbers in Germany are:
  • 110 (Police)
  • 112 (Fire Brigade & Ambulance)
You can call free of charge using any public call box. In case of a sudden illness or accident where a patient cannot be transported by car should you ring the emergency number 112 for an ambulance (Krankenwagen). In case of an accident or an emergency on an important road (highway, secondary road), find at the white kilometer stones or posts by the side of the road for arrows pointing in the direction of the nearest emergency telephone.

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