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Hospital care is, in general, excellent and medical facilities usually have the latest technology. All hospitals are open to all insured patients, except some private clinics. Normally doctors transfer patients to a hospital and control of treatment is then managed by a doctor there.

Hospitals in Germany aren't cheap. All hospital fees have to be paid by yourself or your insurance company. If it is your determination to go for treatment at a hospital, check your cover with your insurance company.

When you are going to a hospital or clinic, you should take a health insurance document with you (although you will not be refused in case of an emergency). If you are accepted in the hospital, your health insurance will pay the costs of that stay. However, state patients pay a small daily rate for the first 14 days of their stay.

The possibility of getting a good or private room depends on your health insurance scheme. If you have a private insurance, you will probably get a single or double room. If you have a state insurance, you will probably share with two or three others. You should bring a night-dress or pajamas, towels and toiletries to the hospital. Don't bring too much stuff; you may only have a small locker for your belongings.

All hospitals administer a special accident and emergency department (Notaufnahme), where you go if you need urgent and immediate medical attention at any time.

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