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Germany suffers high unemployment: more or less 15%, which is mostly structural due to strict labour market regulation and the changing nature of the economy in Germany. Today, the country has around 5 million unemployed, many of whom will find it impossible to re-enter the job market. High unemployment means that finding a job is difficult, especially for foreigners not speaking fluent German.

For many foreigners, Germany has good working conditions. German employees have some of the highest salaries in the world, considerable benefits and state-mandated job protection. In some companies, working hours have been reduced to 35 hours/week and holiday of up 30 days/year is not uncommon.

A notable range of the occupations are regulated in Germany, with many jobs requiring formal qualification. The country has a practical training or an apprenticeship system that requires most young workers to spend from 2 to 3 year in a training program before entering the real labour market, which ensures they have first-hand experience in the job. For foreigners this can mean they might be prevented from working in a job in which they have experience at home, e.g. electrician, computer technician, etc. If you do have a formal qualification (such as for doctors, teacher and nurses, etc.), it will need to be certified by a competent German authority (usually a guild, trade or professional association).

If you wish to work in Germany you will need to get a residence and a work permit. Only if you are an EU national these requirements may not be necessary. In order to obtain a work permit, you first need to get your residence permit. Students do not require work permits; however, there is a strict yearly limit of 90 days work.

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