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The mass media has always been highly developed in West Germany. The freedom of opinion and the autonomy of the press are guaranteed in the Article 5 of the Basic Law. Conversely, the communist regime in East Germany tightly controlled the media. Despite government censorship, East Germans were voracious newspaper and magazine readers. More than three dozen newspapers enjoyed a combined circulation of almost 10 million in the German Democratic Republic.

The shape of the print media in eastern Germany changed considerably with the unification of the two regions of Germany. In the middle of 1991 only 100,000 copies of East Germany's most widely circulated newspaper, Neues Deutschland, the newspaper of the communist party, were being printed daily, down from roughly 1 million in the recent past. Western consortia bought many of the other established urban newspapers and brought in new management. During a public opinion survey made in 1990 in the national election, 68 percent of western Germans and 88 percent of eastern Germans read a newspaper on a regular basis. Not surprisingly, Germany boasts among the highest per capita newspaper circulations within Europe.

Radio and television are administered in a decentralized way as the Basic Law suggests. The intent behind the pattern of regional decentralization is to prevent the exploitation of the media by a strong national government, as had happened under the Nazi dictatorship. Germany has two public broadcasting corporations. The first, ARD, was established in 1954 and encompasses eleven regional public television and radio stations. The second, ZDF was founded in 1961 and is structured as a single corporation, not as a consortium. A third channel broadcasts cultural and educational programs for all Land corporations.

Important German Media:

Germany is considered one of the largest industrial nations and with the largest population in the European Union, Germany today offers a great diversity of television stations.

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