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DTI's Germany Direct calling plan offers you low rates and the ease of Direct Dial. It's easy, fast to use, and economical. Just dial a 5-digit access number before placing your call and in seconds you'll be connected to the person you are calling.

How to use Germany Direct:
  • To place a call just dial the 5 digit access number:
  • For calls to the USA: 5 digit access, then dial 001 + area code + number.
  • For calls to other countries: 5 digit access, then dial 00 + country code + city code + number.
  • For long distance calls within Germany: 5 digit access, then city code + number.
  • Press Send. Your call will be processed immediately if all information is correct. Your telephone will ring with your destination number already being connected.
Note: Calls to destination numbers within the same city code are carried by the local provider. Do not dial the 5 digit access for local calls to avoid a toll charge. Also, if you are calling from a mobile phone, you will need to use DTI's Calling Card as the DTI Direct Dial service is not compatible with mobile phones.
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Militel Germany 01028

The MiliTel Germany 01028 Direct service is a high quality, direct dial international and national calling service, specifically designed for regular fixed line telephones located everywhere in Germany. When you use your Germany 01028 Direct service, calls from your registered home or office phone are routed through one of the most sophisticated phone networks in Europe to bring you fast connections and the clearest voice quality. For those who require dialing an "outside line" code before dialing a national or international number, please use our MiliTel Callback Service.
To use Germany 01028 Direct you must first sign up.

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